Late night I keep hearing a helicopter flying of my room at the Holiday Inn where I am staying. I did not think much of it. There must be a hospital close by and someone is getting taken to the hospital. Turns out the helicopter landed beside the hotel and he is staying here. … Continue reading Whirlybird

Tornado Santa

Another Christmas day has come and gone. It seems like it went by like a tornado hit it and threw everything around. When I came downstairs this morning I was getting ready to say Merry Christmas to my wife and before I could say a word the drill Sargent in her came out. David you … Continue reading Tornado Santa

Its Quicksand

The sun is shinning through the window causing me, a 15 years old to crack one eye open. Like most days, a young person would like just to stay in bed . But not here, not today. It time to get my day started. What kind of fun can I find outside today? Its a … Continue reading Its Quicksand