Free Money

Everyone wants some free money. I do and I am sure that you do to. What if I told you that in thirty years you will have as much as $27,000. dollars of free money . I would hope that you would YES. I am not talking about some internet scam or anything that has … Continue reading Free Money

Of Life

Now I have seen the best of you. I hope I get to see the rest of you. As a child I had to care for you. Now I want only to share with you. I know that life has been unfair to you. I only want to live my life with you. God only … Continue reading Of Life

God’s Love

Hello, my name is David and I would like to share with you about God’s Everlasting Love . It’s about a son. In this case I am talking about my son and the love I have for him. This is a true story of what happened last year December 30th 2016. He’s name is Brian. … Continue reading God’s Love

The Island

Dauphin Island, the island to us locals, is a barrier island and also a town in Mobile County, Al.  It has beautiful beach’s and is great for fishing and sight seeing . My first time on the island was in in late 60s. My father would take my brother and I to fish and sometime … Continue reading The Island