Storage Money

In every little town to every big city storage buildings are being built. They have a lot of options like comfort controlled and very small to very large storage to rent. But after you rent these storage buildings for one or more years, you could have bought a decent portable storage building for about the … Continue reading Storage Money

God’s Love

Hello, my name is David and I would like to share with you about God’s Everlasting Love . It’s about a son. In this case I am talking about my son and the love I have for him. This is a true story of what happened last year December 30th 2016. He’s name is Brian. … Continue reading God’s Love

Tornado Santa

Another Christmas day has come and gone. It seems like it went by like a tornado hit it and threw everything around. When I came downstairs this morning I was getting ready to say Merry Christmas to my wife and before I could say a word the drill Sargent in her came out. David you … Continue reading Tornado Santa