Cup of Morning

This beautiful day of coffee and sunshine has started. Sitting on the patio with my first cup of coffee for the day, my best mans friend beside me and I have no worries. The neighborhood is quite this morning and so peaceful. No lawnmower’s or blowers running yet. No children playing outside because it is a school day. All I hear is the singing of the birds, a few dogs barking and the sound of cars going down the highway a short Distance away. Just me and my laptop, typing away with thoughts. There is a jet passing above. People traveling somewhere unknown. Oh how I wish they could have the peace that I have right here right now. Maybe I should be traveling with them. Maybe I should take another trip to Turkey or even Israel again. It is so nice to be able to just sit here and dream of the pleasures of life. Wait just a minute! I forgot to just sit here and enjoy my coffee and birds singing. Quite please.

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