Some days I wonder if I had made any difference at all . A difference in someones moment, someones day and most importantly,  someone’s life. Each day as I go into someone home, space, office or just crossing their path, what will remember about that moment? Will they even remember it at all? I hope they do. I hope I will. We all cross the path of so many. We judge people that we we nothing about, yet think that we are better than they are. I am so glad that no one can see the real me, the way my life really is and the hate I have had over the years. They would know the imperfect person that I am. I had to do some work  at a daycare the other day where all the children were a different color than I am. The one think that I noticed was that these little children were not filled with hate. They all waved at me, some were following me around. They seems lonely. When I go to a customer’s home each day, I ask they how their day is going. I do not always get a good answer. I only ask that question because I do care how their day is going. Some times I get asked that same question. It means that someone cared. Character – the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

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