Free Money

Everyone wants some free money. I do and I am sure that you do to. What if I told you that in thirty years you will have as much as $27,000. dollars of free money . I would hope that you would YES. I am not talking about some internet scam or anything that has to do with the internet. Almost anyone with a full time job can get free money. What would you say if someone told you that your employer will give you up to 3 % of of you put in 3% of your gross paycheck? It is taken out before taxes so you will not se much of a change if any in your regular take home pay. It’s a 401k. I would have said it up front but most young people will not listen of they hear the word 401k or retirement account. If you are making $30,000 a year it would mean that they would take around $17.30 a week before tax’s of your money and the company would put in $17.30. That is $17.30 a week of free money. Now you can put in a larger percentage to grow it faster but the company will only match up to a certain percentage. I myself put in 18% but it toke me long time to get it there. Look, the only reason that I am writing this is to help you get free money from your employer. Quit complaining about not having any extra money when you can get some for free.

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