A World Of Difference

poor home1200px-SamuelRichHousePenfieldNewYorkAs I go from street to street and house to house, each customer that I meet is so different. I go to the very poor to the super rich and all I see is human difference. I see so much good in the people that I meet who are poor. Just because they may live in a house that is in despair does not mean much. Inside there is a human being who cares and wants to be cared for. I have been in many white homes as well as black homes and see very nice people living in both. I also have seen my share of bad people in both poor and rich homes. The only difference is money. I have meet so of the nastiest people and most live in the nicer homes as well as the poor ones. I myself am considered middle income. You do not want my bank account. Middle income is not real if you can not control your spending well. You are just a well paid poor person. Anyway, each person, rich are poor, black or white, can make a world of difference if given the chance. Look beyond the cloth’s and the skin and see a person, someone you may can help. A kind word goes a long way. Go ahead, make a world of difference.//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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