Tornado Santa


Another Christmas day has come and gone. It seems like it went by like a tornado hit it and threw everything around. When I came downstairs this morning I was getting ready to say Merry Christmas to my wife and before I could say a word the drill Sargent in her came out. David you need to get going on the corn casserole.  Then you can unload the dish washer, boil me ten eggs and get your shower. We need to be at your moms in 2 hours. Merry Christmas honey, merry Christmas back at ya.  I get everything ready and then some, she was busy getting things ready also, and got in to get my shower. It was not long after I got in that the knocking on the bathroom door got my attention. It was our daughter Cara, telling me to hurry up, she needed the room, bath room that is, to get ready. I was taking to long in there. I was told that I have been in there for 35 minutes. I looked at the clock when I came out, it had been 14 minutes. I forgot that they do not teach school teachers to tell time. Cara is the teacher. Well we make it to Mom’s.  It a casserole Christmas. Green bean  casserole, two chicken casserole’s, ect. Mom made all the other  casserole’s. She has done something wrong. Usually the best cook, everything tasted nasty. Everyone was hiding it from her. No one was eating. Mom is 86 and cooked a bad meal. It happens sometimes. Bad milk maybe? Bad cheese? Bad something for sure. Next we are off to Sharon’s mom’s . We get there and she has a fine meal ready. Turkey, ham, dressing and gravy  pies cakes. She had it going on. She told everyone to come and eat  and by the way, do not use the bathrooms because the toilets are backed up . There is a problem with the septic tank. A house full of people and no one can go. I am so thankful to God for his Son who died on the cross for our sins. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful tonight that we made it home, have good food and running toilets. Merry Christmas everyone.

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