Tom & Jerry


When I was a child, my favorite  cartoon was Tom & Jerry. I loved to watch them always trying hard to get each other. Jerry could always run into the hole to get away from Tom. Always fighting, always planning and lots of laughs. That was many years ago. Lets say 55 years ago. Why do I remember them? Like  most family’s, I had a Tom & Jerry in mine. They are brothers. Their name was Bill and Paul. Both have passed away and many years have passed but they will always be in my memories. Bill was my father and Paul was my Uncle and friend. I can remember them fist fighting and being angry at each other for months. All of sudden they were hunting and fishing together. After a while they would fight about something again and after a while they would be playing horse shoes together. We all have a little Tom & Jerry in us but we need to be more like Foghorn Leghorn and the sheep dog. Clock out and go have beer at the end of the day.

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