She’s so Cold


It’s that time of year again. Its cold and we are just starting the winter season. Some of you have never had maintenance done to your gas furnace or heat pump system. Well, its time. What are you afraid of ? Let me guess, you are afraid that if you get someone out there they will find a problem and try to sell you something. It’s like calling a used car salesman to your house.  After 15 years as a lead service tech with a major HVAC company I understand how you feel. I have worked with some of those used car guys and some top-notch tech’s also. No two  company’s are the same.  You have to do you research. The first way is by word of mouth. A family member might tell you they have used and were very pleased. They may also tell you who they have used and were not pleased with them. If it is a major company in your area, you may want to ask them what happened. I have had customers get angry for many reasons. Its 95 degrees outside. and I tell them they are on my list but I have 30 other calls in front of them. Or that I charged them for coming out when the thermostat was in the off position. People do get ripped off by some company’s. That is true. But check the internet, do your research. Check Angie’s List.  The bottom line is that your air-conditioning and heating system is as important as the car you drive when it comes to maintenance.  Try a maintenance agreement with a service company. Most company’s charge around $120.00 to $150.00 for an agreement, For that price they should come out twice a year to clean and check your system. Here are a few things a  good service company will do on the initial tune up.
1.  Pull and clean the blower.
2. Clean the drain line.
3. Gas furnace – Pull and clean the burners.
4. Heat Pump – Check the heat strips.
5. Check all the electrical connection’s.
6. Check the Capacitor’s.
7. Clean the heater closet.
8. Check the combustion gas vent pipe.
9. Check the filter.
10. Clean the return.
11. Check all safety’s.
12. Check and clean the thermostat.
13. Check the duct work and insulation in the attic.
Now for the outside unit.
1. Vacuum all the leaves and dirt out of the unit.
2. Check the compressor lugs for tightness.
3. Check the fan blade to make sure it is secure to the shaft of the motor. They should check the blade for cracks.
4. The run capacitor  and contactor should be checked. They will be changed out the most on any system so do not be surprised when they tell you this.
5. They should wash your unit with a coil cleaner.
6 . The freon pressures or puron pressures will be checked.
7. The compressor amp draws will be checks.
8. The breaker size to your unit needs to be checked for the proper size and checked to make sure the wires are tight.
I hope this will help you to find a good service company that will treat you right and keep your system in  working order for many years to come.

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