Money Pit

s-l1000One of the best and worst  things a man can buy is a boat. I remember the day, many years ago, when I bought my first big boat .I called it the Money Pit and it was. It I had been on the water most of my life either fishing, boat riding, water skiing or just having a picnic.  My first boat was old when I bought it. It had been my Uncle’s boat for years. It was a 1972 24ft Sea Ray Weekender. I had fished out of it many times before I bought it from Uncle Paul. It was old but nice and comfortable. Twin engines and a nice size cabin. On some weekends I would pull a shrimp net at night behind it and boil some shrimp in the galley. Eating fresh seafood as you catch it is the best way to eat it when you can do such a thing.  Some times I would just ride it  out to Dauphin Island and deep sea fish for the day. Other days I would get off of work and get on the boat and just ride the rivers and bays of Mobile county. I sure do miss the days of just riding around and when I got tired I would just drop anchor and take a nap in the cabin. But life got busy and life got full with a lot of great things. I will still miss living on the water and taking my many boat rides. Hey call me if you go out on your boat, I am always ready to get this old man wet.


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