Faster Please


My son Brian is living the American dream. Yes the dream of a 26 year old. Living it up in Fort Lauderdale Fl.. That’s where he lives. I got a call, it was face time, from Brian yesterday telling me how wonderful it is there. The weather is near perfect as well as most of the girls there. ,  The conversation went like this.

Brian – Dad I think I need to buy a motorcycle.
Me – Why do you need  a motorcycle, you just got a scooter, whats wrong with it?
Brian – Oh there is nothing wrong with it, its just slow.
Me – What do you mean its slow ?
Brian – Dad, it only does 35 mph dude.
Me – Well that’s fast enough, you live in town.
Brian – Well I can’t take a girl out on this thing, it will probably only do 10mph with 2 of us on it.
Me – Brian that is a lame reason.
Brian – Oh really? The other day I was at a red light and a fine looking girl, yes Dad fine like a 10, pulled up by me on her scooter and just smiled at me. I thought , This is going to be my day. Dad, the light turned green and we took off and it was like I was not moving. Dad her scooter was faster than mine. A GIRL’S DAD, A GIRLLLLLL.
I never caught up
Go get a new one son. That girl is probably working at the motorcycle shop son.

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