Bay Breeze


I can feel the warm breeze coming off the water. The view is breath taking. Mobile Bay is a great place to fish, shrimp, sail or just to take a boat ride. Some go gigging for flounder while some just put out crab traps. The Bay is not just a body of water to us locals but a livelihood for a lot of people. Mobile Bay is 31 miles long by a maximum width of 24 miles. The deepest areas of the bay are located within the shipping channel, sometimes in excess of 75 feet deep, but the average depth of the bay is 10 feet .
It is also a place where a strange phenomenon happens called  jubilee. During a jubilee, crab, shrimp, as well as flounder leave deep water and swarm to shallower water in large numbers. During a jubilee, locals who are on shore can just use a small net or their hands to pick up the fish . There is a lot of history on are around the bay dating back to the Indian’s. The Chickasaw Indian’s were known to live close to the bay.

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