My View of The View

After reading about what happened on the show The View, between Whoopi Goldberg and Jeanine Pirro I have come to a conclusion. ABC needs to take action against the show and either remove Whoopi or pull the show completely. It is my view that that Mrs Goldberg does not like it if someone speaks what … Continue reading My View of The View


Some days I wonder if I had made any difference at all . A difference in someones moment, someones day and most importantly,  someone’s life. Each day as I go into someone home, space, office or just crossing their path, what will remember about that moment? Will they even remember it at all? I hope … Continue reading HOPE OF NEW REAL ME

Storage Money

In every little town to every big city storage buildings are being built. They have a lot of options like comfort controlled and very small to very large storage to rent. But after you rent these storage buildings for one or more years, you could have bought a decent portable storage building for about the … Continue reading Storage Money

Free Money

Everyone wants some free money. I do and I am sure that you do to. What if I told you that in thirty years you will have as much as $27,000. dollars of free money . I would hope that you would YES. I am not talking about some internet scam or anything that has … Continue reading Free Money

Of Life

Now I have seen the best of you. I hope I get to see the rest of you. As a child I had to care for you. Now I want only to share with you. I know that life has been unfair to you. I only want to live my life with you. God only … Continue reading Of Life